ADDICTED TO PLAY - ideas, links, and musings on Play Activism! April 07 2016, 0 Comments

Our favorite links for April - enjoy!

Addicted To Play

1. 6 Effective Ways to Stop Bullying and Teach Kindness To Kids: Teach good listening by acting out bad behavior? Hmmm...This one we definitely need to try.  Good tips for all ages. By Laura McCLure - Ted Ed. 

2. Best Picture Books to Inspire Children's Art:  These books do a fabulous job of tapping into our kids creative spirit as sometimes we all need to be inspired. From one of my absolute favorite bloggers - The Artful Parent.  

3. 21 High Protein Snacks to Eat When You Are Trying To Be Healthy:  List includes mousse, chocolate, and pudding - YUM! Favs are #3 and #13. From Buzz Feed by Shannon Rosenberg.

4. 5 Ways To Get Kids Into Nature:  Many novel ideas & reminders in this article that you'll want to try right now including a "World-Watching Window" & a "Wonder Bowl." From acclaimed author of "Last Child in the Woods" Richard Louv for Outside Magazine.    

5. How To Get Kids To Be Grateful - Give Them Less:  This may seem intuitive, however, this article provides some great tips on HOW to give kids less (and to eat their veggies). From Jenn Choi for The Atlantic.

6. How Adults Can Encourage Kids to be Original Thinkers:  Teach values instead of rules. A book that's relevant for all ages (& on our book list). A Q&A with Adam Grant for NPR.