New Year's Resolution January 29 2013, 0 Comments

It’s almost Feb – never too late to start a new year’s resolution.  It’s silly to think that Jan 1st needs to be the fresh start for resolutions anyways. My one and only resolution (besides the ever persistent “lose more weight”) is to have more fun and to stress less. A few weeks back, I stumbled upon Stuart Brown’s TED talk – a compelling piece where he emphasizes that play has many more benefits beyond fun, and it’s as important for adults as it is for kids to play.   Ahhh yes I thought – this makes sense….I want to play more, be more whimsical -not exactly sure what that means in practice - and be spontaneous. My husband often calls me the “fun police” and I want to be anything but that – I want to LIVE the spirit of Tumblewalla but not sure exactly how. So that’s what this blog is about – it’s a discovery process on how all of us – families/kids – can experience more fun in our lives. I find it’s sometimes incredibly tough to find stuff to do with my toddler and yes, I feel guilty when I turn on Caillou for the umpteenth time– but it shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be that hard. It’s the little stuff that doesn’t require expensive toys/contraptions that can be the most fun. The other day, we started playing the “blow you away” game and my son would puff his cheeks and try to blow me, his dad and grandma over like a strong gust of wind. Surprisingly entertaining for at least ½ hour for all of us and wasn’t hard to do (even though I was incredibly exhausted ).  So...this blog is an experiment. I’m not a writer but I felt it was important to share these experiences and some of the reasons why I started Tumblewalla so I hope that you’ll join me on this journey. With tumbles and tickles – Sonal G.