Fun with Flashlights! February 22 2013, 0 Comments

gameoflightIt can be difficult to figure out what to do at the end of the day post dinner and pre-bed time when it’s dark by 6PM and your child has boundless amounts of energy.  Books, trains, puzzles (and TV) seem to be our best go-to options. A fun and easy activity that I often forget about is fun with flashlights of which there are endless games/activities that can be played.  Our family owns all types of flashlights – finger flashlights, heavy duty flashlights, headlamps, flash-light/whistle combos, etc. – and they’ve all been well used.  Shining a flashlight on objects or the ceiling/walls (develops great hand-eye coordination), or using it to read books in a blanket/pillow fort are some of our favorites.  The light stomp game is also a good one – shine the light on a spot on the floor and have your child tried to jump on it before it moves. We also love creating flashlight shadows – one of my son’s favorite books is “The Game of Light” by Herve Tullet.  While much has been made of Tullet’s “Press Here” book which is a fun read, we’ve gotten far more use out of Tullet’s “Game of Light” – many fantastic cut-outs of stars, ships, flowers etc. that make all sorts of patterns on the ceiling/walls.  It’s something that we never tire of.  If you have other favorite flashlight games – please do share!