Duct Tape Fun - no craft/art skills required! March 19 2013, 0 Comments

ducttapeDuct tape of all colors/patterns has become the latest craze; decorate boxes, make jewelry, bookmarks – it’s the all-purpose crafting supply. Yes - duct tape is awesome for art projects, but it’s also great for other non-crafty activities and you don’t need all those fancy colors for these ideas. Good old fashioned Home Depot duct tape will work just fine.  2 of my personal favorites (pictured at left): The Race Car Strip –    tape strips of duct tape down from one room to the other and have endless car/truck/you-name it races.  Super entertaining and easy to do. Picture/Puzzle boxes – create a box with duct tape and have your toddler create their own puzzle or picture with blocks within the duct tape shape. I hope you develop a fondness for duct tape just as I have – it’s become a staple in our house given how versatile it is to do anything and everything with!