Happy Holi – cheers to spring, light, and positivity! March 28 2013, 0 Comments

holiThe arrival of spring is much anticipated – from March Madness, to Easter and of course the longer days and warmer temps.  One of my favorite occasions in the spring is the Indian Festival of Holi – a festival that’s all about color, deliberate messiness and fun!  The event of Holi welcomes the arrival of spring and celebrates love, energy, and positivity.  I’ve had the privilege of celebrating Holi a few times and it’s been fantastic– dousing others with bright colors, laughter, great food and just downright giddiness.  This experience has been one of my inspirations behind Tumblewalla - I love being spontaneous and not having a care in the world.   I’m always asking - how can I create more of these moments for my family (with a little less mess of course)?  Just having this reminder helps me be OK with leaving my daily calendar behind.  So – with the change of seasons, that’s what I aspire to do – infuse every day with more color/joys and whimsy.