Angst, Fear and…Crowdfunding November 20 2013, 1 Comment

kickstarter.2Deciding to embark on a crowd-funding campaign is no easy decision – it is incredibly awkward to have a conversation about money and mission at the same time.  A crowd-funding campaign is completely public – which compounds the anxiety associated with “failing” & not meeting your funding goals.

As an individual with great pride in self-reliance, it is hard to fight the nagging thought that I shouldn’t need help – and it’s selfish to ask for it.  Add-in the complexities of developing  stellar gotta-have perks,  and creating that make or break video, and you’ve got a project ripe with risk, angst, and the almost certainty of being added to email “spam” folders by colleagues, friends and yes, even family.

With all these negatives, why would you expose Tumblewalla to this wild-ride called crowd-funding?

1.   I softened to the idea after visiting the project pages of other inspiring entrepreneurs and artists.  I felt surprisingly connected with their visions of new iPhone apps, cool capes, city murals, TV shows, or international relief projects - and I genuinely wanted to help. They weren’t smarmy or desperate - I felt, and still truly feel invested in their success.  As a plus, I got cool perks which I’m excited to receive!

2.   I realized that there are many people championing Tumblewalla, some of whom I don’t know well – who also want to see us succeed and grow.  If I am resolutely committed for Tumblewalla to get to that next level of sustainable growth, I needed to push beyond my personal comfort zone.

3.   It is selfish to PLAY SMALL – otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to step forward to create positive change (albeit even small ones at first) in our local and global communities.

4.   When I think about potential to make change – it is often the projects I don’t always have the resources or time for, but which I find incredibly energizing to work on.  Tumblewalla’s impact will magnify when we’re able to do more - to converse with more moms & dads about the importance of play, to collaborate with experts in the wellness arena to host workshops on play and movement, to develop additional resources and articles for caregivers on how to get more playtime back in their day (vs. years ago), and more funding for our non-profit partners.

Additional support for Tumblewalla today, will help us solidify our business and allow us to realize our goals of positive change much faster.

I love to create clothing collections – it is the medium I have chosen to build the Tumblewalla voice.  The ultimate vision for Tumblewalla is bigger than that, and I need to stay true to that big crazy goal so I achieve it, which is why I’m launching this campaign.  The Tumblewalla organic clothing collection is really a platform for greater cause – to provide more resources and opportunities to help make play happen for kids no matter who they are or where they live.

Now that the campaign has launched, I can say that the apprehension, fears and uncertainty don’t magically disappear – my attitude towards crowd-funding has shifted.

I am immensely grateful that my community is cheering-on small businesses (like mine) to be successful because of the positive long-term impact on local and global neighborhoods. 

Whether you choose to support our current crowd-funding campaign or not, I hope this perspective will cause you to rethink or consider the crowd-funding process.  There is a groundswell of people just like me building businesses and leading change – and this is one way you can help.