ADDICTED TO PLAY - ideas, links, and musings on Play Activism! August 14 2015, 0 Comments

We thought this would be a good way to share articles, toys and lots of other stuff around play that we love - enjoy! 

1.  Play Hard Live Free – Where Wild Play Still Rules:  great concept from San Francisco and a worthy read from NPR by Eric Westervelt

2.  Replace 'Guilt' with 'Gift' and Watch it Become a Life Changer: great read for all parents from one of my favorite bloggers -Hands Free Mama

3.  Kidizen: resale marketplace for kids clothes – we love eco companies that promote recycling especially for back-to-school shopping. Bonus - user interface is gorgeous!

4.  On a Beam of Light - A Story of Albert Einstein: Inspiring - inviting kids to be different, be curious, and to run with their imaginations!

5. Play Tape - InRoad Toys:  Kids love sticky stuff and yes, you can get the plain non-road version but for a few bucks more - this is hours of entertainment!

6. Why Yoga is Changing Schools:  An informative read on the benefits of yoga and meditation for kids from Gwenth Paltrow’s Goop!