Inside Tumblewalla Studios - Big Changes Afoot At Tumblewalla! September 14 2015, 0 Comments

After 3 years of designing and creating seasonal lines that promote our mission of spirited unplugged play – we have decided to shift our focus to yoga and wellness.

Why this shift? 

Firstour new pieces celebrate meditation, yoga and mindfulness – aligning more strongly with our brand mission and ideals to be present and to let this wonderful journey of parenthood unfold without any expectations.

Second, the children’s market is changing.  Many specialty kids boutiques are shutting their doors (sadly)– which impacts all of us smaller brands that don’t sell to big box stores.  Because of this changing marketplace, we are moving away from full lines of mix and match pieces like shirts, leggings, tops and pants and more towards gifting pieces.  These pieces are perfect for baby showers, for 1st birthdays, new moms and more.

Take a “sneak peek” at our new Tiny Lotus and Om Sweet Home collections. Let us know what you think (more to come in just a few weeks….)!

Finally, this will enable us to dedicate more resources to fulfill our ultimate vision of becoming play LEADERS within our communities  – with expanded resources, content, toy recommendations, workshops, and more.  Check out our “Addicted To Play” series highlighting products, articles and discoveries that we LOVE and that we hope you find useful and informative AND our "All Work and All Play" blog featuring talented women, moms and entrepreneur stories!

This shift just feels right in our gut. 

We think this new direction will allow Tumblewalla to get our message out more quickly and broadly to make a larger impact – and create inspiring clothing in an entirely new direction.  We definitely hope to come back to full collections someday.  This is a little sad for us  - we had crafted some really dynamite Indian-inspired prints for Fall15.

To jump-start this new direction, we are offering our "Up TO 75% off SALE."  Everything is on sale (excluding Tiny Lotus and Om Sweet Home) AND free shipping on everything over $25 (including our yoga items). Code: FALLSALE   SHOP NOW and please forward this to a friend who you think may be interested.  We’ve never run prices this low before and we have limited sizes and inventory remaining! 

Thank you all for your support – we are very humbled and grateful that we have so many loyal customers who love our products and support Tumblewalla’s mission. Please let us know what you think about these exciting new changes – we always love to hear feedback! (  

Best Wishes,

Sonal Gerten

Founder, Tumblewalla