ADDICTED TO PLAY - ideas, links, and musings on Play Activism! October 10 2015, 0 Comments

We thought this would be a good way to share articles, toys and lots of other stuff around play that we love - enjoy! 

1.  The Cooper Kit - a great subscription box for DADS to make with their kids – there’s nothing like this out there (trust us)!

2. Parents Can Learn How to Prevent Anxiety In Their Children – informative read for families with kids who are anxious by Lynne Shallcross from NPR

3. The Science of Kindness - How giving and receiving "kindness bombs" can make us ridiculously happy!  By Micah Nielson from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

4. Goodnight Yoga by Mariam Gates beautifully illustrated relaxation poses that kids will love to do before bedtime!

5. Whales know how to have fun! – amazing footage of whales having fun beneath the Northern Lights as captured by photographer Harald Albrigtsen – so cool!

6. E.O. Wilson explains why parks and nature are really good for your brain by Chris Mooney from the Washington Post – do we all relate to the natural world as “home” and this is why we find it so relaxing?