ADDICTED TO PLAY - ideas, links, and musings on Play Activism! October 15 2016, 0 Comments


Addicted To Play - Links We Love!

1. Why Some Schools Are Sending Kids Outside Four Times A Day: Recess four times a day?! These schools tried it and discovered more playtime = more focused kids. By Valerie Strauss for The Washington Post, Photo from The LiiNK Project

2. Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins: Such a cute way to celebrate fall! Bonus: it's way easy By Debbie Chapman, 

3. How to Raise Kinder, Less Entitled Kids (According to Science): We love this article - a nice reminder to be a little more understanding. And how to help your kiddos with it, too! By Karen Weese for The Washington Post, Photo from iStockPhoto/WashingtonPost illsutration

4. This School Replaced Detention With Meditation. And The Results Are Stunning: "...The Mindful Moment Room isn't the only way Robert W. Coleman Elementary has been encouraging its kids", see the other cool initiatives they're implementing here. By James Gaines for Upworthy, Photo from Holistic Life Foundation

5. Let Kids Be Kids: Using Adventure And Nature To Bring Back Children's Play: Building that leaf pile is sounding like a better and better idea! By Caliegh Flannigan

6. Boost Self-Esteem With Children's Books About Being Different: Perfect reads to empower your little-ones. Chrysanthemum is one of our all time faves! From What Do We Do All Day?