ADDICTED TO PLAY - ideas, links, and musings on Play Activism! August 16 2016, 0 Comments

Our favorite links for August - enjoy!

Addicted To Play - Links We Love

1. Parents Want Recess For Their Kids. Here's Why They Should Keep Fighting For It.: Kids need breaks from academics, and many kids get less than 20 minutes per day of unstructured recess time - a good read on why we still need to fight for play time.  By Heather Shumaker from The Washington Post.

2. DIY Lunchables - Back To School Guide 2016:  Love these ideas - especially making your own pizza - easy, kid-friendly, and fun to eat. From Cool Mom Picks. 

3. When A Child Thinks Life is Unfair, Use Game Theory:  Practical tips for managing sibling scuffles - as parents, we can all relate to the "who gets to press the elevator button" fights.  By KJ Dell'Antonia for The New York Times.

4. TED Talk Gever Tulley: 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do:  Some of these ideas are beyond my comfort level, but I agree that risk taking is a critical part of childhood development - I'm going to invest in #2 for my son's next birthday.

5.  Six Health Benefits of Nature For Very Young Babies: I wish I had known about #4 when my babies weren't sleeping well - good reminders to get out even for wee ones.  By Emily Glover from 

6. 10 Picture Books That Nurture Empathy:  These are all such great books about kindness, family love, and nurturing empathy - difficult to choose just one favorite! From What Do We Do All Day.