Addicted to Play - links we love! July 30 2017, 0 Comments

Addicted To Play Links We Love for July

1.  25 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do with Your Kids: Little things your family can do together to inspire big joy in your community. By Christine Burke for Scary Mommy, Image via Powershot/iStock

2. Knowing When to Quit: Sometimes, ya just gotta throw in the towel. And that’s okay! By David McGlynn for The NY Times, Image via Giselle Potter

3.  7 Ways to Be a More Present Parent: At times, it’s all too easy to disengage. Here are a few ideas on how to keep connected with your little ones in our distracted world. By Kim Christenson for No Sidebar, Image via Kali Poulsen and Kid to Kid

4. What Kids Learn From Hearing Family Stories: Tales from your own childhood are more than just a bedtime story! According to this scientific research, their benefits can aid children all the way to adulthood. By Elaine Reese for The Atlantic, Image via Flickr

5. The Milestones That Matter Most: There’s more to learn than just arithmetic! Such an interesting look at cross-cultural expectations. By Christine Gross-Loh for The Huffington Post, Image via Getty Images

6. 8 Benefits of Yoga for Kids: Even more inspiration to get the whole family moving! By Kathleen Charles for Do You Yoga, Image via