Super Heroes Welcome - A Preview of the New Minnesota Children's Museum! May 10 2017, 0 Comments

My little Super Heroes

The new Minnesota Children’s Museum is opening in a few weeks and I’m incredibly excited not only for my kids but for myself too (stay tuned for some adults only nights at the museum).

I truly wish I had this opportunity as a child – to explore, discover, and to be completely un-inhibited.  To be able to test my limits, tell crazy stories, and be silly in such a safe and supportive environment. 

The space is also geared towards educating parents in a very do-able and non-intrusive way about how to support play at the museum and at home – and a great reminder to observe more and let my kids explore and figure things out on their own.

There will be less instructions on “how things work” so be prepared to tinker and explore yourself (this was difficult for me at first as I LOVE instruction booklets and tutorials, but a great lesson in letting go and re-learning how to play as an adult).

 Super Awesome Adventures

One exhibit that I wanted to highlight that’s one of my early favorites (there are 10 total exhibits) is Super Awesome Adventures – an opportunity to be SuperWoman, Batman and every other super-hero in between!    

First, there’s the Ninja Laser Maze with a practice bamboo course outside – this is sure to be a hit and a great way to encourage kids to be courageous to test their limits (and test their super spy skills), and be persistent in exploring different possibilities to successfully navigate the maze.  

 Ninja Laser Maze

There’s also a Carpet Skate Park – which is an immersive full body experience complete with ramps & bumps so it feels like you are skating in outer space!  

Carpet Skate Park

For kids who love to tell stories and pretend fly and jump off cliffs – there’s an awesome Green Screen with climbing wall (just like the movies)! This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to work together and collaborate to make-up stories. I find my kids make friends so much more fluidly than I do as an adult, and it’s a nice opportunity to observe how they interact with others. 

Green Screen

There’s quite a bit more in this exhibit including Balancing Boards – to avoid the dangers below (crocodiles or lava – the themes will rotate every few months).

Balance Board

This is just ONE exhibit of 10 - there is so much else to explore and discover (including 2 outdoor areas).

And YES - capes are included!

In celebration of the pending opening, I’m giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to explore the museum ($52 value) on Instagram and Facebook.  Head on over to Instagram (@tumblewalla) or Facebook (@tumblewalla) for all the details!