The joy of having nothing to do…. March 01 2013, 0 Comments

boredkid2I get anxious when I don’t have structured activities or play dates on the weekends – what am I possibly going to do to keep my child occupied? I feel bad when my son says he’s bored – or “play with me mommy" – it feeds into my mom guilt of there’s something more I should be doing to be a good parent.  The reality is – it’s good to be bored (and research will back me up on this)! Being bored exercises the imagination muscle – it forces us to manage our time better and to think creatively.  We don’t need to play with our kids all the time or turn on the TV (a device I use way too often) if there’s nothing to do – let them create their own fantasy worlds.  I tried this the other day – and like magic, after 5 min (shorter than your average temper tantrum) – my son had imagined characters and was playing “farm” with a teradactol, chickens, and some pigs. I love this quote from Nancy Blakey that says it well….“Preempt the time spent on television and organized activities and have them spend it instead on claiming their imaginations. For in the end, that is all we have. If a thing cannot be imagined first -- a cake, a relationship, a cure for AIDS-- it cannot be." So next time – no mom-guilt when there’s nothing to do!
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