Our Story

Our Beginning

I’m Sonal Gerten, Founder of Tumblewalla and PlayActivist.

It’s been a personal journey to be more present and playful in my own life. I’m a busyness addict – my default setting is to do more, achieve more, stress more and worry more (when I’m not busy of course).

It wasn’t until the birth of my kids that I truly realized I needed to change my ways for the benefit of my family. Stress, constant worry, and a roadrunner lifestyle were NOT values I wanted to pass on to my sons.                     

As a new mom, I also saw a void in the market – a need for more spirited, pure and comfortable fabrics for babies and toddlers that represented the vibrancy and yoga traditions of my Indian heritage – and this “a-ha” is how Tumblewalla came to be...because a Tumblewalla (loosely translated from Hindi as “one who tumbles”) really knows how to PLAY.

Our Little Yogis

Our team creates each piece of clothing as a visual reminder to be spirited, to move and to let the miraculous experience of parenthood unfold without expectations and demands.  

Our pieces are designed by a team of aspiring yogis (who are still working to master the elusive handstand) and made with love in a sustainable workplace in India.

Babies instinctively know their true nature, and as such they are our little yogis. By becoming more childlike in our playfulness and presence, we can connect with our babies even more and nurture a sense of wonder, play, and presence in ourselves and others.


Why Customers Do Handstands Over Our Products

Every Tumblewalla piece is carefully crafted for comfort – to feel soft and snuggly like your favorite pair of yoga pants. Our pieces are easy to use – easy to dress babies in, easy to wash and easy on the environment so everyone can spend more time exploring and less time fussing.

Technology has changed the way we play and spend our time. As the world moves faster, it seems our bodies move slower and we spend less time in quiet mindfulness. At Tumblewalla, we strive to keep you and your loved ones moving and feeling more connected without the need for technology.




You’ve read our story. Now, we’d love to become a part of yours!


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